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About Us



Stanford Raffles Group, Inc develops and focuses on products related to social media and cryptocurrency. The first product we developed is the Real Time Conflict Resolution Lifestyle Platform – ZudgeZury, and the second product we developed was the Utility Token Cryptocurrency ZudgeZury Coin. Future social media apps are currently also on the drawing board. The utility token ZudgeZury Coin will be a cryptocurrency that is accepted by all Stanford Raffles Group apps.

We project exponential user growth as our business model is based off basic fundamental human hedonic needs rather than relying on an engineering breakthrough

We intend to seek multiple rounds of funding from Crowd Funding to Series A, B and C and ultimately IPO in the shortest time possible. Our Cryptocurrency ZudgeZury Coin will also be launched in multiple exchanges shortly.

The timeline for ZudgeZury Web and ZudgeZury Coin is to launch both during Summer 2022