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ZudgeZury coin is a ERC-20 Utility Token created for the Real Time Conflict Resolution Lifestyle Platform – ZudgeZury app, a premium product by Stanford Raffles Group, Inc.

The ZudgeZury coin can be exchanged for credits and used on the ZudgeZury app to access digital products and services on the app. The services are largely collaborative decision-making services, while the digital products are emoticons or graphics that can be used to reward users or decorate the user profile. The ZudgeZury coin can also be a reward that users redeem. Ultimately, the ZudgeZury coin allows for the owner to acquire services and interact with the community for an exhilarating experience.



ZudgeZury is built on the fundamental algorithm of Consumer Behavior and Psychology. Combining the key elements of Marslow and Loss Aversion theories, we designed and programed an application that appeals to hedonic needs and aids in decision making by community collaboration.

ZudgeZury allows the user to be able to address their daily concerns in multiple categories and, at the same time, have either a panel of category Zury experts or a Zudge present a suggested Verdict. Users can resolve issues related to Dating, Family, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Investment, Education, and many more daily areas of concern.

While helping others in the community, all users are also given social recognition (Zertificates and Ratings) and rewards (emoticons). All users start as Zury members and can rise in social ranks to be a recognized Zudge. Zudges can conduct live hearings by having a video call with the person who posted questions and at the same time, earn rewards and social ranks. And yes, we do intend to have a ZudgeZury Coin Cryptocurrency issued as part of the rewards program for our members. The rewards program will be included in the ZudgeZury store in exchange for app tokens.

Given that many of these concerns of the community are in multiple categories, these also present opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services as well as obtain consumer feedback for better marketing mix strategies.

The business model of ZudgeZury is to have multiple revenue sources from both retail and corporate, while also positioning the product as a hedonic tool for the community to help one another and obtain social recognition. At the same time, the second product, Cryptocurrency ZudgeZury Coin, is being developed and will be cross marketed, meaning that ZudgeZury Coin and the application will be promoted at the same time.


Target USERS

The target users will be retail and corporate users. The ZudgeZury app will appeal to all demographic and psychographic groups. As the ZudgeZury app is a collective decision-making lifestyle platform, many categories will appeal to users from all age groups, income, location, culture, religion, language, gender, marital status, and even psychographic lifestyles. It will appeal to all products and service providers of the corporation as well as it enables corporate decision making through Consumer Feedback in the ZudgeZury app.


Our growth projection is to obtain 1M downloads within a year and to grow the market share in the number of Daily Active Users (DAUs) by 50% yearly for the first 5 years. Our aim is to increase the time of app use per day such that ZudgeZury is indispensable. App use will be tracked longitudinally to measure growth.

The vision is to expand our app to complement and be integrated into existing apps, provide additional sources of income for users, be an integral part of corporate decision making and most important of all, redefine the daily lifestyle of any user in the world. Our app is applicable across all cultures and languages as it is built upon solid consumer behavior and psychological theories.

We project exponential user growth simply because our model is based on basic fundamental human hedonic needs rather than relying on an engineering breakthrough. Hedonic needs will impact viral information about the app and hence enhance app download and use. We intend to seek multiple rounds of private equity and ultimately an IPO, in the shortest time possible.




Design thinking is required for any startup when making a strategy for a new product or service as it focuses on user-centered concepts combined with human-centered concepts. Founder Jin and ZudgeZury's cryptocurrency team considered the same before developing the coin. During the design thinking process, Jin and the team are focusing on society to instantly buy credits from coins in the ZudgeZury mobile app.

The ZudgeZury cryptocurrency concept starts from problem definition, idea creation, solution-focused strategies, modeling, prototyping, testing, and evaluation including iterative loops thereof. The core aim is to apply the creative technique for novel problem-solving techniques that are solution-oriented yet have a holistic approach.

Token engineering is essential as it gives a sense of responsibility: being ethically and professionally accountable to the machines that are going to be built. Token engineering indicates that a token ecosystem design would also become a field of rigorous analysis, design, and verification. It would have tools that reconcile theory with practice and is guided by a sense of responsibility.

The term design might be known and intuitive, representing a more subjective and creative meaning while the term engineering tends to highlight the technical aspects and the composition of inert (non-moving) parts to create a predictable and robust result.


ZudgeZury coin will be a coin on the blockchain network comprising security, scalability,
and privacy aspects during the technical engineering phase:



The team will focus on the design of the crypto-economic mechanisms to provide the level of security as needed (Token Security, Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers) through the Ethereum blockchain. Crypto economic approaches combine cryptography and economics to create robust decentralized P2P networks that thrive over time despite adversaries attempting to disrupt them.



Each block will be validated and agreed upon by a consensus mechanism, ensuring that each transaction is true and correct. Each new block will connect to all the blocks before it in a cryptographic chain in such a way that it is nearly impossible to tamper with. This will ensure trust in transactions by making it irreversible.



With respect to privacy for the ZudgeZury coin, the team will make sure that all the data will be saved in encrypted format in the blockchain that will be protected on a server. To keep it more secure, the AWS blockchain server will be preferred to save all data.

The technical engineering process involves a growing standardized token concept. The token standard depends on the properties it would have (i.e. privacy, fungibility, transferability, expiry date), and depends on the purpose of the token, taking into account economic, legal, or ethical parameters.

Legal Engineering:

Legal engineering is the predominant task when we deal with the complex system or process where tokenization and legal engineering meet. As per the jurisdiction concern, the ZudgeZury whitepaper will be submitted to the attorney for approval so as to start the development of the ZudgeZury cryptocurrency and also during the development of the ZudgeZury cryptocurrency. The development team will customize the smart contract as per protocols and core objectives of the coin.

Ethical Engineering:

The rules for the ZudgeZury cryptocurrency community are tied to “purpose-driven” token and the purpose of ZudgeZury coin is to provide support to the community that steers collective action with the automated mechanism. This thus highlights the relevance of the complex token system.



ZudgeZury cryptocurrency came into existence to provide support to the community. Initially, only the ZudgeZury app will support this coin where users can buy credits by paying coins to get consensus or expert advice based on priority response time on the ZudgeZury mobile app that is under development. On this application, users can pay credits to get expert advice or suggestion on the posted question within a preferred time frame. This will be applicable to anyone as everyone needs some form of experts’ advice instantly and quickly for personal or career-related decisions. There will be other ways to spend purchased credit. User could use the credits to get emoticons or digital products as gifts for the Zudge or Zury. These gifts could be redeemed to get app tokens, which will be used to purchase items in the ZudgeZury shop. The ZudgeZury coin will also be available as an item for purchase in the shop.

To get more coins, users could purchase them from a dedicated web-based exchange, as per the current price, with US Dollar since ZudgeZury will initially support only one nationalized currency.

As the next step, the users will be able to send or receive coins to and from each other that will be a part of circulation. Sending or receiving and trading ZudgeZury coins will be initially done on a dedicated exchange and after listing on different exchanges, users may be able to do the same there. Trading allows the coins to be exchanged for fiat currency as and when needed and as per market valuation.

In the future, the coin will start supporting other sectors, such as retail or service-based industries where the user will be able to send coins to get physical products or services. Stanford Raffles Group Inc. will be developing more apps that utilize the ZudgeZury coin and at the same time, try to establish relationships with other retailers/outlets on the acceptance of the ZudgeZury coin.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, ZudgeZury cryptocurrency is going to be unique as it will have a stable value without many fluctuations. The stability of the coin is determined by the pricing of the services in fiat currency and the equivalent of the coin in the ZudgeZury App. The ZudgeZury team will generate coins with unique addresses as per the demand in the market and that will make the value stable as there will be enough supply of the coins in the market. The coin is expected to be a well-known cryptocurrency that will have a large user base around the world with time as it will be available to the community at a very low cost in comparison to other available cryptocurrencies. It will be a completely community-driven blockchain-based utility coin that will later be used for purchasing goods and services offered by the issuer of cryptocurrency. ZudgeZury cryptocurrency will be developed on Ethereum, a public smart chain.

People or users could buy ZudgeZury coins with USD afterwhich users can send it to the ZudgeZury Web to get credits and access its services and purchase products offered by the app. Usage flow will be as follows:




Ethereum Blockchain

It will be used at the core and the basis for which the ZudgeZury Cryptocurrency will be developed.


Ethereum Smartcontract

It will be customized for the ZudgeZury Cryptocurrency.


Dedicated Exchange

A dedicated exchange will be developed and launched where users will be able to do the trading and sending or receiving coins.


Payment Gateway

A payment gateway will be integrated that will initially support USD to buy ZudgeZury Cryptocurrency.


Virtual Wallet

Users will be able to save ZudgeZury coins in supported virtual wallets.


ZudgeZury app

Initially, the coin will be supported by the ZudgeZury app.


Crytocurrency Exchange

ZudgeZury Cryptocurrency will be published on external or third-party exchange.


Unified Reward System

Users who hold ZudgeZury Cryptocurrency for more than six months will be incentivized accordingly with bonus airdrop of coins.


Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer transfer will be allowed to increase the userbase and usage.